Installation Instructions (Brief Overview)

When changing the dials, no speedometer adjustment is usually necessary.

Speedometers without pointer stop:
here the speedometer calibration cannot be adjusted and does not have to be marked. The pointers come back to the wave of the speedometer at ”null ”.

Speedometers with pointer stop pin:
If you raise the hands counter-clockwise over the small stop nipple and the pointer finds rest at one point, this is the ”zero point”. This must be marked exactly e.g. B. on the housing. The hands are now levered down with 2 spoons under the circle of needles. It is precisely in this position that the pointers must be carefully replaced after the exchange.
On that occasion, you could change the speedometer lighting or pointer color. Take a look at the lighting too, there you will find a selection of LEDs in different colors.

Here is a brief overview of how the exchange of the dials works. You don’t need any special tools or the like.

  1. Remove speedometer unit (usually a few screws).
  2. Open the housing (Phillips screws)
  3. Raise the pointer over the stop, mark the zero point
  4. Use two spoons to pry the pointers as close to the shaft as possible, replace the speedometer dials
  5. Check lighting, possibly solder LEDs
  6. Push the pointer back to the marked position and lift it back over the stop (the pointers are back to zero)