Select the shopping field of the desired product. Next to each article in this shop you will see the shopping cart symbol. Allows you to add each item directly to your shopping cart. Of course you can delete at any time.

If you have added an item to the shopping cart, the shopping cart is displayed in the top right. You can then:

1. Continue shopping: Click on the button below the shopping cart on Next. To return to the last viewed page and continue shopping, or just select another section in the left menu to select other items.
2. Change order quantities: If you want to buy more than one piece of an article, you can change the set pieces.
3. Remove items from the shopping cart: Check the box next to the item you want to delete and click Refresh.
4. Submit order: If you would like to order the selected items now, click to checkout and follow the simple step-by-step instructions for ordering online.
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You can always check which items are in your shopping cart by clicking on the link in the shopping cart menu above.

In this menu you can select your personal settings, e.g. B. Delivery. and billing address, order status etc. or change